Anterior pelvic tilt

The anterior pelvic tilt as shown here, is an imbalance of the musculature surrounding the lumbo-pelvic-hip complex. This condition can be quite painful,as the muscles involved can pull excessively on the lower spine and the top of the pelvis. You can view the muscles involved with the anterior pelvic tilt here.

The anterior pelvic tilt can be corrected with a series of posture correction exercises that help to stretch the tight over active muscles while at the same time strengthen the weak muscles that cause the anterior pelvic tilt.

There are a number of other awesome resources that can help you to identify the anterior pelvic tilt, such as Youtube or many other blogs such as Wordpress.  I came across an interesting article about the anterior pelvic tilt on a posture blog over on Wordpress.  Here is a very informative youtube video about the anterior pelvic tilt and a method to correct it.

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